Roses have captivated people for centuries with their beauty, fragrance and deeper symbolic meanings. If you’ve been gifted yellow roses or they’ve shown up in your life recently, you may be wondering what spiritual meaning and symbolism is carried by the bright, sunny blooms.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: The yellow rose represents joy, friendship and caring. It conveys happiness, delight and platonic bonds.

In this comprehensive guide of around 3000 words, we’ll explore the origins and varied spiritual meanings behind the yellow rose. We’ll look at what different cultures and belief systems say about the symbolism of yellow roses, including Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and more. We’ll also examine the yellow rose in art and literature over the centuries, and the messages associated with gifting yellow roses in modern times.

The History and Origins of the Yellow Rose

Roses have long been associated with love, beauty, and passion. Each color of rose carries its own symbolic meaning, and the yellow rose is no exception. Let’s explore the fascinating history and origins of the yellow rose.

The Original Yellow Roses

The yellow rose is believed to have originated in the Middle East, where the earliest known references to yellow roses can be found in ancient Persian literature. These roses were said to have a heavenly fragrance and were highly prized.

In China, yellow roses were also highly regarded and were seen as symbols of royalty and nobility. The Chinese even developed a special variety known as the “Golden Celebration” rose, which is still popular today.

Trade and Cultivation

During the 18th and 19th centuries, yellow roses gained popularity in Europe through trade and cultivation. The Dutch played a significant role in the cultivation of yellow roses, developing new varieties that were more vibrant and resistant to diseases.

By the 20th century, yellow roses had become widely available and were cherished for their vibrant color and delicate fragrance. They became a popular choice for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays.

Artistic Depictions Through the Ages

The beauty and symbolism of the yellow rose inspired many artists throughout history. In paintings, poetry, and literature, yellow roses were often used to convey feelings of joy, friendship, and optimism.

One famous example is Vincent van Gogh’s painting “Still Life: Vase with Twelve Sunflowers,” where he depicts yellow sunflowers alongside a bouquet of yellow roses. The bright yellow hues symbolize happiness and vitality.

In modern times, the yellow rose continues to be a popular subject for artists and photographers, capturing its timeless beauty and spiritual essence.

The history and symbolism of the yellow rose remind us of the enduring power of nature and its ability to inspire and uplift our spirits. Whether given as a gift or enjoyed in a garden, the yellow rose brings warmth, joy, and positivity into our lives.

Yellow Rose Meanings in Different Cultures and Traditions


In Christianity, the yellow rose holds several meanings. It is often associated with the concept of joy and happiness. The color yellow is believed to symbolize the light of Christ and the warmth of his love. In Christian art and literature, the yellow rose is often used to represent the divine presence and the beauty of God’s creation.

Buddhism and Hinduism

In Buddhism and Hinduism, the yellow rose is associated with spiritual enlightenment and the pursuit of inner peace. It symbolizes the journey towards enlightenment and the awakening of the soul. The vibrant yellow color is believed to represent the radiant energy of the divine and the transformation of the self.


In Islam, the yellow rose is often seen as a symbol of friendship and companionship. It is believed to bring joy and happiness to those who receive it. The Prophet Muhammad is said to have cherished yellow roses and often gave them as gifts to his friends and followers.

Chinese and Japanese Symbolism

In Chinese and Japanese symbolism, the yellow rose is associated with happiness, prosperity, and good fortune. It is often used in celebrations and auspicious occasions. In Chinese culture, the yellow rose is also considered a symbol of royalty and nobility.

The Victorian Language of Flowers

In the Victorian era, flowers were often used to convey secret messages and emotions. The yellow rose, in particular, had different meanings depending on its shade and context. A pale yellow rose symbolized friendship, while a bright yellow rose represented jealousy. However, in general, yellow roses were seen as a symbol of joy, warmth, and positive energy.

It is important to note that the meanings and symbolism of flowers can vary across different cultures and individuals. While these interpretations provide insights into the spiritual significance of the yellow rose, personal experiences and beliefs may influence the way individuals perceive and connect with this beautiful flower.

Symbolic Messages Conveyed by Yellow Roses

Yellow roses have long been associated with various symbolic meanings, each conveying a unique message. From happiness and joy to friendship and farewell, the spiritual symbolism of the yellow rose is rich and diverse. Let’s explore the different messages that can be conveyed through the gift of a yellow rose.

Happiness and Joy

The vibrant yellow color of the rose is often associated with happiness and joy. Gifting someone a yellow rose is a beautiful way to express your delight and bring a smile to their face. It symbolizes the warmth and positivity that radiate from a joyful heart.

Caring and Platonic Love

Yellow roses also represent caring and platonic love. They can be given to friends, family members, or colleagues as a gesture of affection and appreciation. The bright yellow petals symbolize the warmth and affectionate bond shared between individuals.


While the yellow rose is generally associated with positive emotions, it can also convey negative sentiments such as jealousy. In some contexts, a yellow rose may represent feelings of envy or possessiveness. It is important to consider the recipient’s interpretation of the yellow rose in such situations.

Infidelity and Betrayal

In certain cultures, yellow roses are associated with infidelity and betrayal. This negative connotation stems from historical references and cultural beliefs. However, it is essential to note that symbolism can vary across different cultures and regions. It is always advisable to consider the cultural context before assigning any specific meaning to a yellow rose.


Yellow roses are widely recognized as symbols of friendship. They represent the bond and affection shared between friends. Gifting a yellow rose to a close friend is a wonderful way to express gratitude for their companionship and support.


Yellow roses can also convey a farewell message. They symbolize the bittersweet emotions associated with parting ways. Whether bidding farewell to a colleague, a loved one, or a significant phase of life, a yellow rose can express the sentiment of saying goodbye with warmth and best wishes for the future.

It’s important to remember that the spiritual meaning and symbolism of yellow roses can vary across cultures and personal interpretations. However, these general associations provide a glimpse into the diverse messages that can be conveyed through the vibrant and meaningful yellow rose.

The Significance of Yellow Roses Today

Yellow roses have long been associated with joy, friendship, and positivity. In today’s society, these vibrant flowers hold a special significance and are often used to convey specific messages and emotions. Whether you’re gifting them to someone or interpreting their meaning, yellow roses are a versatile and meaningful choice.

Gifting Yellow Roses

Yellow roses make a wonderful gift for a variety of occasions. They are often given to friends and loved ones to show appreciation and gratitude. The bright and cheerful color of these roses can instantly uplift someone’s mood and bring a smile to their face. Whether you want to brighten someone’s day or express your support and encouragement, yellow roses are a great choice.

Additionally, yellow roses are commonly used to celebrate milestones and achievements. They symbolize success, happiness, and new beginnings. So, if someone you know has accomplished something significant, gifting them a bouquet of yellow roses is a thoughtful way to acknowledge and celebrate their achievements.

Interpreting Their Meaning

Yellow roses have a rich symbolism that goes beyond their vibrant color. They are often associated with friendship, joy, and positivity. When you give someone a yellow rose, you are expressing your affection, appreciation, and warm feelings towards them. These roses are a beautiful way to strengthen friendships and show someone that they are cherished.

Moreover, yellow roses can also symbolize new beginnings and fresh starts. They can be given to someone who is starting a new chapter in their life, such as graduating from college or starting a new job. Yellow roses represent the excitement and optimism that comes with embarking on a new journey.

The Popularity of Yellow Roses

Yellow roses have gained immense popularity in recent years. Their vibrant color and positive symbolism have made them a favorite choice for many people. Whether it’s for a romantic occasion, a special celebration, or just to brighten someone’s day, yellow roses are a versatile and meaningful option.

According to a survey conducted by Flowercard, a leading online flower delivery service, yellow roses are the second most popular color choice after red roses. This highlights their widespread appeal and the recognition of their significance in today’s society.


Over the centuries, the bright and sunny yellow rose has gathered many rich symbolic associations from cultures and faiths around the world. While the specifics vary, common themes emerge of joy and happiness, caring bonds and friendship, departure and remembrance. The yellow rose continues to carry profound meaning as a gift and spiritual signifier in the modern day. With its luminous petals, the yellow rose brings a little sunlight into our lives.

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