African turquoise is a striking blue-green mineral rock that has been prized for thousands of years. From ancient Egypt to the indigenous tribes of southern Africa, this vibrant stone has long been associated with the sacred realms.

If you’re wondering about the deeper meaning and healing attributes of African turquoise, this guide will illuminate everything you need to know. We’ll explore African turquoise crystal properties, zodiac associations, chakra connections, and more.

In this comprehensive article, you’ll discover African turquoise benefits for spiritual growth, manifestation, creativity, communication, leadership, and more. We’ll also uncover powerful crystal combinations to enhance this stone’s effects.

What is African Turquoise?

Definition and colors

African turquoise is a gemstone that has been treasured for thousands of years. It is considered a stone of evolution, encouraging growth and positive change within life’s pursuits. The cool, earthy colors of African turquoise act as a soothing element, bringing about peace of mind and a sense of relaxation to help restore depleted energy levels.

This striking stone can be found in various shades of blue and green, with intricate brown or black matrix patterns running through it. The matrix patterns are made up of cobalt and other mineral deposits, contrasting beautifully against the bright blue shades.

Some African turquoise contains more green tones, ranging from a deep forest green to an aqua or robin’s egg blue. The green hues add a revitalizing quality to the stone.

Differences from turquoise

While their names are similar and they boast equally gorgeous blue-green colors, African turquoise is actually quite different from turquoise. Turquoise is an opaque gemstone that forms from copper, while African turquoise is translucent to opaque and develops from granite and other host rocks.

So they have different chemical compositions and physical properties.

Stone Type African Turquoise Turquoise
Chemical Composition Dravite, sugilite, variscite, and other minerals Hydrated phosphate of copper and aluminium
Mohs Hardness 5 to 7 5 to 6
Source Africa, USA Iran, American Southwest

So while their natural beauty may appear similar, their properties and origins differ. But both stones have potent metaphysical energies to tap into for healing.

Where does it come from?

African turquoise gets its misleading name from early traders who were reminded of the vibrant turquoise deposits in Persia when they discovered these vibrant blue and green stones in Africa. The stone is mined primarily in Africa and is found in countries like Zambia, Egypt, Madagascar and South Africa.

Some African turquoise also comes from the southwestern United States.

It’s thought that many of the African turquoise mines and deposits have been depleted over time. But the stone can still be readily found from ethical sellers online and in crystal shops around the world.

This gorgeous concentrate of natural beauty and healing energies remains popular for use in jewelry and ornaments, as well as for metaphysical purposes.

African Turquoise Meaning and Healing Properties

Connection to Sky, Earth and Sacred Realms

African turquoise is strongly tied to the energies of the sky, earth, and the sacred realms. It is believed to open communication between worlds, acting as a spiritual bridge between the mundane and ethereal planes.

This makes it a stone of interconnection and enhances one’s intuition and visionary abilities.

Stone of Evolution, Vision and Leadership

Regarded as a stone of evolution and vision, African turquoise challenges outdated modalities and pushes one to embrace growth, change, and new perspectives. It stimulates foresight and leadership capabilities, urging one to step into their highest potential.

By aiding evolution on personal and collective levels, this crystal brings progress and positive transformation.

Enhances Creativity and Communication

African turquoise boosts creative expression and improves communication skills. It activates the throat chakra, helping one speak their truth clearly and with confidence. This empowers inspired communication in all forms, including writing, public speaking, music, dance, and artistry.

By enhancing creative flow and expression, African turquoise allows wisdom and inspiration to be articulated and shared.

Manifestation and Prosperity Abilities

With its grounding earth energy and connection to higher realms, African turquoise is regarded as a manifestation crystal. It brings ethereal concepts into physical form, turning dreams into reality. It specifically assists with prosperity work, attracting abundance in career, creative projects, and other endeavors.

By merging the celestial and mundane, this stone breeds success.

Brings Tranquility and Protection

Soothing and calming, African turquoise brings peace of mind and emotional tranquility. Its energy dispels anxiety, anger, fear and other heavy vibrations. It is also protective, shielding one from outside influences seeking to do harm.

Providing stability in times of upheaval, this stone eases stressful situations. Overall, African turquoise creates harmony within oneself and one’s environment.

Chakra and Zodiac Associations

African turquoise primarily stimulates the throat chakra, amplifying communication and creative expression. It secondarily activates the third eye and crown chakras, enhancing intuition, inner vision, and connection to spiritual realms.

This stone has natural affinities with those born under air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) and water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) signs.

How to Use African Turquoise

Crystal Healing Techniques

There are several ways you can utilize African turquoise for crystal healing. Meditating with the stone is highly beneficial – hold the crystal in your hands or place it on your Third Eye chakra as you enter a meditative state. Focus on your intention to channel the stone’s healing properties.

African turquoise can also be used in crystal grids designed to manifest specific goals related to its properties, like spiritual grounding or enhanced creativity.

For a more targeted treatment, place African turquoise stones on areas needing healing, renewal and balance like the throat, heart or solar plexus chakras. Leave the stones in place for 10-15 minutes while visualizing the crystal’s vibrant blue-green energy radiating into your body.

Jewelry for Everyday Energy

Wearing African turquoise jewelry is an effortless way to tap into this stone’s healing energies throughout your day. Rings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets keep its spiritual vibration close, providing a portable amulet.

Look for jewelry crafted from natural, authentic stones vs synthetic substitutes for most potent metaphysical properties.

When selecting African turquoise jewelry, choose intuitively based on which pieces you feel most drawn to energetically. Trust this inner pull – it signifies the jewelry you need most right now for balance and spiritual protection.

Incorporate Into Spaces

Introducing African turquoise into living and work areas creates an environment constantly influenced by its uplifting energy. Tumbled stones can be placed on shelves, altars or window sills; larger crystal clusters go nicely on side tables, desks or nightstands.

For concentration and creativity, keep a piece near your workspace.

You can also incorporate African turquoise into flooring or walls via tiles, or hang faceted stones near doorways or windows where energy tends to stagnate. This continuously charges the space, inviting harmony and positive Chi.

Potent Crystal Combinations

Pairing African turquoise with other spiritually influential stones creates a complementary energy that takes its healing properties to the next level. It works wonderfully with high vibration crystals like Clear Quartz or Amethyst for clarity during meditation, manifestation and energy cleansing.

Combining with Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian or Smoky Quartz offers additional grounding while still allowing spiritual exploration. And teaming African turquoise with Rose Quartz or Rhodonite brings additional heart-opening energy – perfect for letting go of negative attachments, destructive behavioral patterns or crippling self-limiting beliefs.

How to Care for African Turquoise

Best practices for cleansing

Properly cleansing your African turquoise jewelry is key to keeping it looking vibrant. Gently scrub it with mild soap and warm water every few weeks using a soft-bristled toothbrush. This helps remove dirt, skin oils, and other buildup.

You can also hold your piece under running water while envisioning any stagnant energies being washed away. According to crystal experts, this “spiritual cleansing” is just as important as physical cleaning.

Effective charging methods

After cleansing, you’ll want to charge your turquoise to restore its mystical energy. The most common way is letting it soak up the sun’s brilliant rays for a few hours. You can also charge it overnight on a crystal grid designed to amplify energy.

For a quick boost, hold your turquoise pendant or bracelet in your hands and visualize white light pouring into it, focusing on your intention to use its healing properties.

Caring for jewelry

Since African turquoise rates at 5-6 on the Mohs hardness scale, it’s relatively soft and requires gentle care. When not wearing your turquoise jewelry, store it in a soft pouch away from harder gemstones that could scratch it.

Put on rings, bracelets, and necklaces last when dressing and take them off first. Avoid exposing your pieces to chemicals like perfume that could discolor the stone. And don’t let turquoise sit in water too long, as extended exposure could fade its striking blue-green shades.

Safe storage considerations

The best way to store African turquoise is in an enclosed soft cloth bag or box, protected from dust and sunlight. While a velvet jewelry box may seem fancy, turquoise can get caught on the material. Opt for a simple cotton or chamois storage bag instead.

Try to keep your turquoise around room temperature away from extreme heat or cold. And make sure it doesn’t knock around near harder gemstones during transport. It’s said that loving energy infuses stones over time, so gently handling your turquoise and speaking positive words over it couldn’t hurt!


With its striking hue and ancient roots, African turquoise is the perfect ally for spiritual expansion, conscious vision, skillful communication, and manifesting from the heart. By tapping into this stone’s uplifting energy, you can unlock more of your inner wisdom, creativity and leadership abilities.

We hope this guide has revealed the profound meaning and gifts of African turquoise. May this sacred stone illuminate your path with truth, prosperity and joyful synchronicity.

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